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Sustainability is one of the keys to overcoming climate change.

Sustainable industries, but also sustainable behaviour of organisations and consumers are required.

Renewable energy, environmental technology and electromobility are among the best-known and more "mature" sustainable industries.

However, the circular economy also makes a major contribution to sustainability and battling climate change. The packaging industry and the building materials industry are increasingly focussing on recycled raw materials (recyclate). Agriculture and the food industry are pushing sustainable, local products and traditional industries such as the steel and chemical industries are also discovering the opportunities of sustainability, too.

All these sustainable industries and their companies have something in common - a tremendous need for executives and experts who already have specific experience and skills for the ongoing transformation towards sustainability.

In high demand are executives who can successfully scale and position both young and established companies in sustainable sectors and lead them confidently through the dynamic times of transformation.

Experts with specialised know-how in sustainability topics and for emerging sustainability regulations (such as ESG, CSRD and much more) are also sought after.

In today’s candidate market, these highly sought-after profiles are a crucial bottleneck, making successful hirings all the more critical to the success of companies in sustainable industries.

This situation is reflected in the assignment portfolio of the executive search industry, with a strong rise of executive searches for sustainable industries and clients.

Through their daily work, executive search consultants are literally making a sustainable contribution to tackling climate change and effectively transforming the industry with every single successful placement.

Filling vacancies ensures the transfer of leadership experience and expertise from outside into sustainable industries. That way, executive searchers become a booster for sustainable industries.

The trend towards sustainability is of course also reflected in our work.

We are increasingly filling top management roles in sustainable industries - CEOs, managing directors, plant managers, etc.

Plus additional challenging searches for top experts for sustainability issues (e.g. sustainability managers, etc.).



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