Are you looking for your perfect match? We will find it for you.


All our clients have the same goal - they want to fill their key positions with the right candidates who will also integrate themselves in the company sustainably. In short, our clients are looking for the famous “perfect match”.


We find this perfect match for you by consistently focusing on the people involved in executive search process. We focus on our clients with their requirements and we focus as well on the candidates with their goals and expectations.


Our clients are aware of key elements of our consulting process, but a lot happens behind the scenes. In order to let you know what you can expect from us, we have outlined our Friedrichs & Partner Focus Strategy for our Executive Search - in this you will find specific insights into our way of working.

Our consulting success in numbers



/ All that counts:
  your perfect match //




What differentiates us from other executive search firms?



/ We don’t search profiles.
  We meet people. //



Our high success rate is no coincidence. It results from a clear strategy: focusing on the essentials. As simple as that sounds, these are the ideas, goals, and expectations of the people involved. On these people we focus holistically. Compared to other executive search firms, we engage far more closely with our candidates – and this makes all the difference.



/ We invest a lot to make
  your investment pay off //



Communication is the key to our sustainable success, since communication equals closeness. Such interpersonal exchanges are extremely important to us, as this is the only way to determine if a sustainable, long-term working relationship can be created. Beyond skill sets and CVs, there is one crucial question: Are the expectations and goals of both parties matching?




Executive Search –
with human touch




Candidates expect consultation and coaching services

Executives in particular expect personalized consultation from us. We have multiplied our communication activities with candidates over the last eight years. For us it is natural to spend several hours a day engaging with candidates – collecting feedback, matching expectations, and providing consultation and coaching. And we spend just as much time in discussions with our clients, in order to share and reflect upon the insights we have gained.



The goal of all stakeholders: long-term successful placement

A failed placement not only causes personal difficulties for the candidate, but it also represents an inefficient expenditure and a bad investment for the client. That’s why we invest a great deal of time and energy at the front end of the process to ensure the perfect result: the successful sustainable placement – your perfect match.

How we work // 1 Information stage



/ A matter of trust //



At the beginning of an executive search assignment, we carefully collect all the information which is crucial for the success. This is crucial in order to develop an accurate requirement profile and to establish a compelling initial contact with potential candidates. The most important part of this first stage is building trust.




In focus: you and your requirements


  • Assignment start: In-depth, on-site briefing regarding requirement profile, tasks, corporate culture, management style

  • Additional research and analysis of the company environment

  • Drafting a requirement profile and compensation package in line with the market

  • Development of a customer-specific search strategy going beyond the immediate market and competition environment

In focus: candidates and their goals


  • Personal initial contact with candidates, professional and confidential. We act as ambassadors of your employer brand.

  • Establishing a collaborative dialogue among equals without time pressure and no urgency to act

  • Potential candidates are given ample opportunity to match the position offered with their own career and personal goals.
How we work // 2 Dialogue stage



/ A three-party dialogue //



Now the most intense and important stage of the process starts: a great deal of information is to be exchanged between candidates and clients. We facilitate this dialogue acting as mediating interface. Our ongoing availability for personal discussions plays a critical role in the success of the process at this point. The candidates make regular use of this, to the extent that we are in constant contact with them and thus we are able to identify which topics are truly relevant.




In focus: you and your requirements

  • Close cooperation with you

  • Regular feedback on the current market situation

  • If necessary, adaptation of the search strategy

  • Careful evaluation of preliminary interviews and selection of candidates for further interviews

  • Facilitation of further interviews on-site

  • Ongoing dialogue to evaluate interviews and candidate feedback

  • Regular feedback and preparation of follow-up interviews

  • Contract offer consultation – to ensure that your offer meets the candidates' expectations

  • Facilitation of contract negotiations

In focus: candidates and their goals


  • In-depth telephone screenings

  • Personal interviews on eye level

  • Candidate reflection stage

  • Our consultants are now there for the candidates throughout the entire process, taking ample time to interact with them. We keep candidates constantly up to date on the current state of affairs - with an emphasis on openness, honesty, and transparency.

  • In-depth preparation of the candidate interview with the client

  • Facilitation of further interviews on-site

  • Regular feedback and preparation of follow-up discussions

  • Ongoing career coaching services:
    an open exchange for matching the position offered with the goals/expectations of the candidates

  • Consultation during the final steps prior to finalizing the employment contract

  • Facilitation of contract negotiations
How we work // 3 Integration stage



/ A good match? Indeed. //



When everything fits together perfectly, this creates maximum satisfaction for all parties concerned. To ensure that this happens, we continue to keep a close eye on what’s going on, which includes the integration of your new employees in your company.




In focus: you and your new employee


  • Regular exchanges with both parties, even after contract conclusion

  • Counterpart for clients during the induction and onboarding stage

  • Proactive follow-up after 90 days:
    collecting candidate feedback and given that feedback to employer



/ Quality
  before speed//



Our goal is not merely to place candidates, but rather to achieve always sustainable placements.


This investment pays off for you as well, as you benefit from the long-term integration of new employees at your company.


Communication is the key. It is only through in-depth interaction and exchange that the needs and objectives of both parties can be identified and made transparent. We facilitate this process.


Only that way can we offer perfectly-suited consulting for clients as well as candidates and act as ambassadors for your employer brand.


Our focus is on the people in the process. This strategy leads to your success – your perfect match.




/ Are you looking for your
  perfect match, too? //



If so, we will be happy to partner with you and to provide you with sustainable executive search services! We look forward to engaging with you!







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