IRC Global Executive Search Partners has decided to take on a thought leadership role, especially in the field of intercultural management, due to the naturally close network with employers, executives, opinion leaders and experts operating worldwide.


With this objective, the IRC Institute was established on March 1, 2016.


The IRC Institute (IRCI) considers itself a knowledge and know-how platform for executives and entrepreneurs, where like-minded people can exchange their individual knowledge and personal experiences and thereby gain new ideas and develop approaches.


The existing global network Executive Search provides IRCI with direct access to experts and opinion leaders, in order to link theory with practice and at the same time identifying and systematically evaluating current trends and developments.


The IRC Institute (IRCI) deals with intercultural management in all its aspects, within companies and also between companies.


IRCI conducts very specific research, studies and analyses on this topic, as well as targeted surveys of experts and opinion leaders. Panel discussions and conferences will also be organised in the future.


The results and findings of these different activities and initiatives are prepared by internal and external experts in comprehensive articles (white papers) and made exclusively available to interested readers of the IRCI community.


If you are interested in further information, please visit IRCI or subscribe to our mailing list at


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